Occasionally, actually rarely, but now and then, the computer will behave as though possessed by demons, determined to drive the computer owner over the brink. One innocent click, and the machine goes berserk. That accomplished, the owner goes berserk too. Well, this one does.

Makes that owner Moody. Plennnnnnnnnnnnnty Moody.

Do not panic, dear Readers. With a night’s sleep and determination, it turns out YIR can still get something published. But the process has been far from pretty, that much We admit.

4 thoughts on “Rrrrrrrrrrgh!

    • Thanks. I think I am doing better already, but a word of good cheer is welcome. If you have the time, please speak to somebody and get the pandemic finished up. I think my patience has passed its expiration date.
      Today’s YIR post sort of counts as therapy via public tantrum.


  1. Love this one. So relatable. You captured the ire & frustration, right down to the YIR claws. As a recent and reluctant iPhone owner and occasional user, I have similar feeling about that *&^%$ device. Like my cranky unpredictable laptop, I hate it but gotta have it.


    • Ah Carol, if you , who are a genius and orderly person get lost in the weeds with your computer, what hope is there for Me? Happily, in a grim sort of way, everyone who has chimed in about this post, has had similar frustrations and urges to violence. Fortunately for us all, computers are 1) essential and 2) too expensive to hurl out the window. Oh boy, *&^%$” is right!


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