Jumpin’ Jehoshaphat!

We at ‘Your Inner Rhino’ had a pleasant surprise last night; We looked online at Google.com which is where ‘Your Inner Rhino’ airs daily (as well as on Facebook).

You will share our pleased astonishment if you 1) Go to the main page of Google 2) Type in ‘Your Inner Rhino’ and click 3) When you get there on Google, look at the line at the top and Click on “IMAGE” (on the left). And Voila! There are a Great Many Images from the blog, far more than there have been in the past. Scroll yourself silly.

We figure that 1) We have a new fan at Google.com, or 2) it’s an electric mistake and it will get fixed. Which means, for the cunning (You), now is a good time to log on and see a LOT of pictures! (Below is a piece from March, 2015).

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