Cerebral Conflict

Rhinos have never gone to Saturn, which is a big planet in outer Wherever. Books say that there are a bazillion moons, which Rhinos can’t refute. We guess so, why not? Also, Saturn is just a giant glob of gas. There isn’t anywhere to land a rocket ship. No souvenirs, We guess.

Rhinos don’t sense any Tomfoolery here, but there is no way to appraise the Information We are given.

We hope that We will still be here to visit Saturn and its many moons, if not now, then then.

2 thoughts on “Cerebral Conflict

  1. Yes, but we take all the magic away when it’s just a big blob or that there are thousands of them.. I love to look at the moon. I always have and I always will.

    Love you. Helen


    • Me too, love the moon, that is. I ‘ve always felt that our dog Toots, gone well over 20 years now, comes there when the moon is full, so I can say ‘I love you’.


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