One Lump or Two?

Phrenology was uncommon until the end of the 19th Century. A major proponent of the study of bumps on the skull was Mr. Stackpool E. O’Dell. He wrote about the topic with marked success and handled some crowned heads of Europe’s heads! He charted where a lump might indicate character or lack of it. Very Scientific. Also Respectable.

He teamed up with his wife, Catherine. Also, get ready for it, he co-authored with a man called Geelossapuss E. O’Dell. What their relation was, no Rhino can imagine. Another successful Phrenologist probably.

There is little biographical information on the O’Dells, and how long they pursued this ‘Science’. But with the temptations offered by the name ‘Geelossapus’, how could YIR resist?

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