While in Southern Peru

Today Mt. Huaynaputina blew up, in 1600. It got itself so overwrought that there is nothing much left of it. This was the biggest volcanic eruption anyone recalls in South America ever. It’s hard to imagine anyone there would just forget it.

So exciting was this disaster that the fallout of volcanic ash may have been the cause of the Little Ice Age in Europe, which folks are still chewing over. It doesn’t take a lot to create havoc, one way and another. And this was a Lot of a Lot. The Wild may be Wild, but it can be thrown off balance.

Rhinos know these things.

3 thoughts on “While in Southern Peru

    • No, most likely because the Americas were separated by a sea for a long time, so no immigration. So no Rhinos in S.America, except as tourists later. We had to learn their amazing sense of rhythm second-hand.


  1. We are informed that the Little Ice Age was related to volcanic activity, but Huanaputina blew up 300 years after the movement began. Maybe like a grand finale? BaBoom.


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