Rhinos like stories any way they are told: read, danced, enacted, mimed, sung, etc. Stories come from specific cultures, and reflect the values of those peoples. No wonder Rhinos find many of them puzzling.

Rhinos are not confused with the Story that is Each One of Us. Every Rhino is the star in a story which only can be understood by the Storyteller. How and why are part of it, and where and when has a lot to lend to the story’s development. Importantly, Rhinos don’t think of stories as having endings. We ARE our stories.

Rhinos each go on in Spirit forever.

One thought on “Storytellers?

  1. I’d love to send you a set of Rog’s “stories”… to let me know how to address them to you.         I am grateful to have Deb Holbrook here in our Uplands community. She is also a fine dogwalker for my dog Agatha, of questionable ancestry but ordinary needs.  Pat  


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