Frozen Treats

We Rhinos don’t live where there is Wintery Weather, so our experiences of Snow and Ice are limited by rumor. What We hear makes Us appreciate where We are now.

Since We weigh more than a ton or two, Falling Down is not just an injury to Rhino Vanity, but also to whatever part of Us lands first. The Big Kaboom, etc.

Winter Sports, huh? Hm-hmmm.

2 thoughts on “Frozen Treats

  1. Looking out at the small lake behind my house does not entice me out.    I look forward to Deborah coming to take my dog for a walk.        Far me it for me to brave the cold….human or Rhino.  P


    • I am not crazy about going out when it’s icy, myself. Do say hello to Deborah for me. She’s a good one, taking out your dog for you! Stay warm!


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