Suppressed Desires??

Rhinos hold a fascination for the Reader. Obviously, right? We certainly find ourselves riveting. So here is a YIR reminder.

Usually, We select a Topic. But it would be dandy if You, the Readership, posed questions or comments on Topics of Interest to you. The Staff would hate to think you were pining for something which We could illuminate, happily. Just use the ‘Comment’ thingee on every YIR post. Or write to <>; please use the word ‘Rhino’ in the subject line.

You Readers are welcome to pose ideas or whatevers. Yes? Rest assured, Nothing is too Trivial for Us!

2 thoughts on “Suppressed Desires??

    • My default system is that if I can’t readily see something, I probably didn’t need it in the first place. Then I wipe my mental landscape clean, which is less of a task than you might think.


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