Today the Staff of Your Inner got all excited when We found that GOOGLE ‘Images’ has a YIR illustration under the label “Rhino Brain Location”, the third row from the top. IQ Sweater. We’re Famous, more or less. Confetti Time!

True, it is just the image, but if you want to see it with its associated text, go to <> and look in the Archive, June 30, 2017. Not only will you see the image, but stimulate your thinking. Think of it as a YIR Scavenger Hunt, kind of.

Tomorrow, We hope to have more illuminating observations, but that’s about it for today. We are too cranked up to squeak. Or think, which seems a bit ironic, right?

5 thoughts on “Brains!

    • Thanks! My sister and I are delving into more R Mysteries, some of which I have been pursuing for over 30 years. It explains a lot about my state of mind….


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