On the Road

We Rhinos are each on our way to Wherever. If We are in a hurry to get Somewhere, We are told it is best to stay on the path. Sounds right, but We have our doubts.

Let’s face it, the is a whole lot more “Not the Path” than there is “The Path”. Simple logic tells Us that more stimulating stuff is bound to be lurking “Off the Path” than on it. Right? Right.

We Rhinos do have to be sensible. There is a responsibility that goes with having Big Brains.

2 thoughts on “On the Road

  1. So true. The road less traveled has taught me a lot. Now I impart life lessons I have learning in the crucible of high altitude mountaineering to those who are interested by teaching classes on Zoom. Most of my students have no interest in climbing mountains, but many appreciate not having to climb to benefit from what I have learned about crisis as opportunity, teams that succeed, teams that fail, teams that transform, transforming an enemy into an ally, it’s never too late to do something significant, and more. Life is good!

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