Snooze Alarm

When We Rhinos get tuckered out by Expeirence, We often take a brief lie-down. This pause is refreshing and allows the spirit to soar a bit. Obviously time well spent, not only for Us but for everyone else also.

We think of these naps as short-term investments, but We don’t stress out over free interpretations of N. Duration. We have enough on our minds already.

Do you like the camouflage? Life in the Wild makes Rhinos cunning.

4 thoughts on “Snooze Alarm

  1. What rhino? I will look again – sort of like hunting for Waldo. And I could not agree more with the rhino philosophy of napping.


    • Given that I seldom have anything to attend to, naps can come on or go at their own leisure. Thus ‘La di dah di dah’ is my naptime mantra. I go to bed around 1AM, and get up around 5:30. Then I take naps of variable lengths as the spirit moves me.


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