Rhino Underground

As you probably know, there are all sorts of caves around France and Spain. The very best of them have Cave Paintings featuring local Critters, among them Rhinos! True, these paintings were done about 38,000 years ago, but their handywork still looks great. And Big!

They are not really paintings, but drawings in charcoal and ochre. On Limestone, which We gather likes to make caves in itself.

We never fail to be impressed. Very Nice Work, you Ancient People.

2 thoughts on “Rhino Underground

  1. What a great image of a YIR rhino explorer viewing ancient man’s beautiful representation of an ancient rhino. This ancient human had the privilege of seeing some of these works of cave art in France during the summer of 1988. Mind blowing!


    • I’m surprised how many readers have been there to see these caves. Doing the research, I was astounded at how Large some of the art is. I also read that some of the caves have had to make duplicate copies of the caves, since the tourist humidity did bad things to the originals. AND, it’s great to hear from you, oh Ancient Human! We are doing well and are registered for vaccine, whenever some shows up. V. Tough and bewildering Times…


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