Tick Tock

Rhinos have been aware of the Drift of Time for 50 million years. True, when We began, We looked different, not better or worse, but different. We Rhinos were not consulted on what shifts and tweaks We got from Nature over Time, We just got them.

And here We are today, the same Rhino Heart, but in different packages. Very Attractive, you might say, and We would agree. Our tastes have shifted with the times, just like our outsides. But Inside, We are Rhino through and through.

And, We are still improving, according to Nature’s Inspirations. Hooray.

2 thoughts on “Tick Tock

  1. Yes, some of the rest of us have shifted a lot in our appearance but are still basically the same inside!!! (It is just that no one but ourselves would recognize our insides were the same. )  Happy 2021. Sure glad to be rid of 2020.  Pat 


    • Exactly! We are human, first and foremost, but there is little in the Neanderthal world that we would find incomprehensible. As a species, we all carry forward that info, that essential humanness, just as we do the vitality of our own younger selves. Amazing system, say I.

      Wishing you a dandy 2021, heaven protect us! XOX, B&Elias


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