The Real Deal

Mr. Paul Klee was born in Switzerland on this day in 1879. A remarkable artist, his work makes Us Rhinos consider the question: which came first, the theories for Expressionism, Cubism, Surrealism, or the works of a genius, whose originality demanded an explanation or terminology.

After all, a Painting is not a bunch of words. On the good days, it expresses something beyond the limits of words. What the artist is trying to express, only the artist knows. Explanations mostly fall flat, even if the artist is dishing them out. Red is nothing more nor less than Red.

Does anybody really Understand a piece of Art? We Rhinos have our doubts.

2 thoughts on “The Real Deal

    • One of the specialties of Black Holes is lurking. Rhinos need to be vigilant, though there is some controversy about what happens if you fall into one. Who knows? It may be too much fun in there to bother with returning…


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