Congratulations to everyone concerned in the recent election. The ballots are cast, shortly to be counted. Given the Pandemic, there were few scuffles at the polls. Part One is coming to an end.

Whatever the outcome in the next few months, and the years following them, We Rhinos sense that We will have misgivings. We wonder if this is a country with respect for its own laws and traditions. Has a ‘personality culture’ replaced respect and patience? Too much emotion, too little reasonable discussion.

We are uneasy.

2 thoughts on “Misgivings

  1. Well said. We need to return to civility, compromise and reliance on facts and evidence, not narcissistic arm waving and shouting/tweeting of groundless claims. There are laws against shouting “fire!” in a theatre where there is no fire, and there are laws against negligence — not shouting fire when there is one. We need to respect rule of law. When laws are bad, we need to work legally to change them to better laws. So there!

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