In Summation, so far…

This is October 20, 2020, which marks the 6th Anniversary of ‘Your Inner Rhino’, a Big Day for our Staff and an opportunity to Thank our Readers for tuning in.

Our attempts to link the Rhino inside Us Rhinos, and the Rhino inside our Readers may be successful, though We can’t know for sure. If it isn’t clear now, maybe by Thursday it will be understood, better.

And now, We lurch our Rhino Way into Year Seven, which is more than Three and less than Too Much.

5 thoughts on “In Summation, so far…

  1. TOTAL CONGRATULATIONS! And Yah-hoo!!! A rare accomplishment (Like, who else do we know who has done HALF this)?!

    Chery Cutler McHugh
    336 Orange Avenue
    Ashland, OR 97520
    landline: (541) 482-2925
    cell: (860) 262-4446

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