What is a Rhino to do when things go wrong, but there is nobody to blame? Huh??!! Right. Grind our teeth and snort.

Surely there should be somebody to blame? Seems only fair.

Kicking things can help, but frankly, it still feels inadequate.

6 thoughts on “Grrrr

    • I think the message we get as kids is that we can intellectually triumph over frustration and anger. I think that is bull, and dangerous difficult bull at that. The best thing for crazed-ness is action; possibly not smashing things, but burning it off. Not as dramatic, but a lot more effective. AND your bottle-top collection is all alphabetized!


  1. Sorry, you are too late for the one at the Nittany Mall. It just closed! No more pizza at Dino’s either to recover from all that rampaging.


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