Sideways Style

So here We are, back about 20-30 million years ago. What is distinctive here is how Nature arranged our horns, side by side. Only the Diceratherium family had the same arrangement, at roughly the same time. Diceratherium were larger, and lived in North America, while the Menoceras family started out in Europe and later shifted to North America.


When We say Diceratherium were larger, you should understand that Menoceras was only as big as a healthy sheep today. We were lightly built, all things considered, and were great Runners. That was jolly, as We lived in herds and liked to trot hither and thither. Nothing like a Good Trot to work up an appetite.

Of some interest is that these horns were only worn by the males of the family; Nature is a prankster, and that’s a fact. Nobody’s safe.

3 thoughts on “Sideways Style

    • The problem would be the same for both genders when facing a predator. They all depended on running away, as many herd animals do today. However, the horns may have been used when deciding mating rights within the herd. That is still a primary use among African rhinos, male against male. African females are horned and use them as defense. The Asian rhinos fight with their lower incisors, which are sharp, both sexes being armed the same.


      • Also, while I think of it, the females must have had an adequate system of defense, one way or another, or Menoceras would not have been strutting around for 11 million years, y’know?


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