Bigger than a Mammoth, yes really.

Elasmotherium is what We are called, by you all. Those of you who call Us anything, that is. Both of you.

Elasmotherium 12-11

Entering a Discussion of Horns, which is how you mostly recognize Us Rhinos, We thought Elasmotherium would make a good poster cousin. This is the biggest horn any of Us has ever sprouted, being about 7 feet long. Like all of our horns, it is made of keratin, the same as your fingernails. Pretty impressive, if you are into extremes.

Horns are a responsibility, for sure. Horns as grand as this came at a cost, namely Migraines, which We invented, certainly not by choice. Horns seem more useful than they are on the average day. Still, We have always regarded them as some sort of distinction.

This family of Large Rhinos lived in Europe and Asia, which were mostly colder than today. This was all quite recent, only 3 million years ago, but lasting until the time of Humans. Both African Rhino families are older than that, as you probably know.

Many Rhinos have not had horns; Nature did not provide them for our first 25 million years. We often think of horns as a novelty.

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