Family Album, No. 1

You call Us Teleoceras. We don’t call ourselves that, but what We do call ourselves would mean nothing whatever to you. Right? This isn’t Sniff-o-Vision.
12-3 teleocerasBack in the day, say 16 million years ago, We were one huge family, occupying the banks of various rivers and pools all over today’s North America. We lived in the water, like hippos, and also on the shore, grazing at leisure. There were no hippos in Nebraska (nor are there many today), and We occupied that bio-slot. Happily.

You may wonder about our skin as shown, but recall that We were a wildly successful group for 12 million years. During that time, Nature tried out a range of surface design solutions with Us. We were delighted to help with the project; wrinkly/smooth, hairy/bald, striped/spotted/two-toned, etc., etc. Change is fun, if unpredictable.

Given our Inner Rhino, We were fine and dandy and creative. We did do a lot to promote Belching as a digestive solution, a contribution to Critter Wellbeing which has sometimes been overlooked or misinterpreted. No room here for all our Accomplishments, obviously.

Then about 5 million years ago, We closed the show, making room for other family members. Nobody gets the stage forever.

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