Are We there yet?

What critter has never asked that one? A sleepy critter, We suppose. Somehow, We always arrive somewhere, which must be the ‘There’ We’re seeking.

Snails use different locomotion approaches from Rhinos. It’s not easy to grasp their system, but they seem to like it.

A Snail’s Pace works quite well enough for a snail, right? The Cosmic Concern is not focused on pace, but on participation, whenever Who gets ‘Where’.

Beyond Calculation

Wilhelm Leibniz (1646-1716) was a gifted German thinker, active as a diplomat, mathematician, philosopher, and scientist. He wrote extensively on theology, ethics, politics, law, and history. Mr. Leibniz also contributed critical theories on differential and integral calculus.

Rhinos are not involved in those fields of speculation, to any noteworthy degree. Still, his accomplishments should be noted.

What We like best about Mr. Leibniz is his hair! Golly.

and in Aisle 3

In sober truth, Rhino daily shopping doesn’t look much like this picture. What We really do is follow our noses in search of delectible grub, and then We chew it up. What the picture does imply is that Nature takes very good care of Rhinos, for which We are, Naturally, grateful.

We also keep our eyes peeled for plants that look like they are teetering on the brink of excellence, in expectation of needing more delicious things.

Within the hour.

a R Riddle

Q: What do a devil’s food cake and a radish have in common?

A: In case it slipped your mind, you can’t Have your Cake and Eat it too. There is logic at its finest. BUT-BUT-BUT, the same is true for the Radish. Is it better to cherish the radish and look forward to chomping it down, or start gobbling now? Finding the balance between Anticipation and Gratification… it’s a puzzler.

These are the questions that made Aristotle fidget back in ancient Greece. Us too, today and here.

“Aye, there’s the rub…”

says Mr. Wm. Shakespeare, meaning there are always considerations accompanying weighty decisions or perceptions. So here We are, back discussing Time.

We often suppose We agree with the rest of the universe about how Time works, but for Rhinos, the whole topic is twisty, unhampered by any worthwhile thoughts from Us Rhinos. We are here now, unless it turns out We aren’t, which often seems like a way to perceive, and/or, go nuts.

As with many concepts, Mr. Lewis Carroll puts his finger on the button; We make ourselves frantic when given the option. Does being frantic change anything? Good question with no clear-cut answer.

The Morning After

Probably less sensitive critters go unaffected on the day after the End of Daylight’s Saving Time. Rhinos are not constituted that way. We do not suffer so much as We disorient.

Who knows what day it is and what time? We can tell you who doesn’t know…

And six months from now, We will be certain of just as little.

Sundials, without Alarms

Today is the inaugural festivity for not-Daylight Savings Time. ‘Hooray’ say all Rhinos in a chorus.

As of today, We have gotten a spare hour to toy with, sandwiched in among its sibling hours.

The whole business defies Logic as We know it. But, what We know is not everything as you Readers may have suspected. If congratulations are due, Rhinos are all ready to cheer and wave our limbs and wiggle.