Here is our question: Are We Going somewhere, Or are We Leaving somewhere? Obviously, the two activities are linked, but in most cases, one motivation is primary. Each Rhino is the connection between the Point of Origin and the Destination, but each of Us decides why We’re going where.

Many of Us forget that the steps We take support our Decisions, however innocuous the steps seem. It’s a peculiar area of mental investigation, paying attention to these process actions, in their own right. It often seems as though these activities don’t exist or matter.

We don’t connect the dots; We are the connection between them.



Hypnotism is an Ancient Art; Rhinos are adept at it, and have been for about 3 zillion years (however long that is). We do not practice it on others, but are good at going into a Subliminal State at the drop of a leaf. All on our own.

We don’t actually dress up for these occasions, owning nothing to put on. But Rhinos certainly understand Showmanship, so We take these opportunities to impress ourselves.

RhinoMind is Elastic; We can check in, or check out at will.

Internal Sloshings

Rhinos are willing to believe that the moon has influence on the Tides, shoving them around at will. That said, just what is the Moon up to inside Us, where We can’t see?

As with so many questions, this one may trickle on for some time before We get an answer worth knowing about.

Which presumes that knowing about something means it’s under Rhino Control. Nonsense, in many flavors, with or without nuts.


Successfully fulfilling our Potential is a Demand We must confront hourly. It’s not enough to be born a Rhino; We must keep in practice through constant inspiration, dedication, andĀ application. If We huff and puff a bit, so be it.

Fortunately, Rhinos are supple (at least mentally) so We can work these exercises into our schedules. An exemplary case of Triumph through Effort.