Rhinos are gifted at Impersonation; it’s a knack, and We have it! The picture provided today offers a fine example of our exotic abilities: this is a Rhino disguised as a Giraffe, not a giraffe in fact! Gotcha! (Do not be embarrassed, most everybody is fooled.)

But We Rhinos are not fooled. We may imitate some other critter, but We are Rhino down to the last fiber. A sniff alone would tell you.

Nature is not fooled either. Naturally.


Following the example of Butterflies, Rhinos transform themselves all the time, one thing to another, one awareness to the next. These processes keep us fresh.

We were one way, and then, through some Enigmatic Natural Scheme, We are another way. Not every change is easy, but We assume each shift is an Improvement, because why not?

We usually mutate from front to back, but sometimes our butt end leads the process. Rhinos are flexible.

Yes, We have no Bananas

In 1633 Mr. Thomas Johnson, a botanist, introduced the Banana to London, England. He ran an Apothecary Shoppe, featuring plants and herbs with healthful virtues. He authored and co-authored many books of longterm interest. Mr. Johnson is the “Father of British Field Botany”.

Still, he did not find those Bananas in a British field, that’s certain. The popular guess is they came from Bermuda.

You may also wonder how long it took for the public to see the potential humor in Banana peels. Not long, We imagine.