For Rhinos, there is a thin line between 1) having an Opinion, and 2) having the only Opinion worth knowing about.

We voice our Opinions with Energy, addressing any disagreement with Pepper and Conviction. We do our utmost to avoid Peevishness, with variable success.

It is not so much that Rhinos are Cantankerous, as that We are Decisive. Also, that We are Right.

Methuselah & Co.

Among Rhinos there is a popular idea that Long Ago, We lived for much longer than We do today. Maybe centuries or eons or millions. More than Three, at any rate. Rhinos simply have hazy concepts of longevity. It has never intrigued Us.

One theory is that Back Then and Whenever, there were vines that produced leaves that did the trick. Just munch on those, and you were good to go. On and on and on.

What became of those vines Rhinos cannot say. If We discover any of them, We will let you know.

To the Bagpipe’s Skirl

Today is, as you may have guessed, Canada’s National Tartan Day. A fine day to dress for the Occasion.

Rhinos have spent plenty of time in Scotland, where Tartans come from, but not so much since the last Ice Age. Back then We coud come and go as We liked, skipping over to France. The English Channel was dry at the time.

Rhinos like Tartans. (We cannot weave ourselves, even to make a potholder.) But We admire those who can.

Dyngus Day 2021

Dyngus Day is a Polish celebration, held the day after Easter. As well as general merriment, boys douse girls with water, and slap them with pussywillows. Unusual indeed. Well, that is what they do, and they enjoy the event every year.

One thing We Rhinos have learned is that We will never understand every folk custom.

BTW, the Polish word for Rhinoceros is Nosorozec, in case you need it.

National Dandelion Day

This celebration is certainly a fine one, since Dandelions are great to eat, all the parts, each part a treat. And the Dandelion is so prolific! Marvelous.

Admittedly, Dandelions don’t seem welcome in people’s lawns… but We Rhinos want to point out that Dandelions got here first. Seems only fair to Us.

Eat some; you’ll like them.

Finding a balance

One happy element to Rhino throught is that We don’t use words, almost at all. So We don’t come to conclusions, which then lead to commitments.

We just wonder about things, and consider how We Rhinos can be at peace with them.

In time We get used to it. Very relaxing, ultimately.


We cannot see inside ourselves, We Rhinos, but there is a lot happening. It all seems pretty jolly beneath the surface, and We often feel downright Fizzy.

That is one reason We seem placid on the outside, because the sense of Major Activity inside has grabbed our attention. That Bubbly Sensation defines how We think of ourselves.

We enjoy ourselves, We Rhinos.

To Prank, or not to Prank?

Today is April Fools’ Day, and there seem to be plenty of Fools available. The only one We Rhinos can control, somewhat, is ourselves.  And it’s not easy; We Rhinos gravitate to improbable and vigorous solutions.

By the way, this is also Poisson D’Avril, which is likewise a prank-oriented occasion. It sort of means April Fish, in France, in French. ‘Your Inner Rhino’ is a cosmopolitan bunch, n’est-ce pas?

And what do they call April Fool’s in Mozambique, huh? Answer: Thursday.