Washta, Iowa was officially established in 1868 by a Mr. Whisman, the postmaster there. Washta has never been large. It is called “The Coldest Place in Iowa”, referring back to a temperature of minus 47 degrees, recorded in 1912. If it was windy, nobody told Us.

The population of roughly 450 must have had a mega-shivery time of it. Goodness!

If you wish to write to folks out there, the zip code is 51061. YIR, helpful to a fault.


Rhinos are always aware of the Natural World in which We are mere participants, one species among many.

We wonder if this World is merely a forerunner of the Next World, whatever that might be, OR perhaps it is the reward for our Last World?

Since We cannot really say if these surmises have anything to recommend them, Rhinos like to concentrate on this World, and be Grateful.