And after June-

Today We Rhinos are pondering the life of Gaius Julius Caesar, of Roman fame. He was a successful general in the Roman army, well-liked by the Romans, less so by the folks he thrashed. Many virtues, to be sure, but a few impressive shortcomings as well. Public life is not necessarily the proverbial bowl de cherries.

We bring this up because this is July, named in his memory. Caesar’s fame went to his head, understandably. The year he was made Dictator for Life, Julius Caesar was assassinated by the Senators of Rome.

Caesar may have gotten a too big for his britches, as We say.

Alas & Alack

The YIR Staff made a new image last night that somehow got gobbled up in the circuitry of our computer. We searched, We howled, We whined, but all for naught. It will turn up some day in the veg drawer of the refrigerator, no doubt.

In a Triumph over the Tantrum, We now celebrate yesterday’s Town Crier Day. We cry no more, but We do remind all you readers to not get over-excited, and pitch your labor into the void. No joke.



Rhinos love to dance and sway, to Pulsate, Oscillate, and Zigzaggerate. We are the Natural Expressions of Rhythm. There are no restrictions on our Rhino Capacities. Free spirits, that’s Us.

The guiding force that is sometimes ignored is our R Tails. Pick any vibration, and our back end starts to boogie. And from there, We just shimmy ourselves into a lather.

Being a Rhino is realllllly great, cha cha cha!

Dramatic, Climatic

Nature has a particular flair for the dramatic, an enjoyment of the unexpected. There is no competition for one impressive Natural measure over another.

Even when the Weather is seemingly delightful, Nature may step in and add spice to the recipe for that moment, and five minutes later lose interest.

That’s how Nature handles matters, like it or not. The curtain is always ‘up’.


Today We Rhinos acknowledge the Thunder Moon, named for Thunder, as you might imagine. It is not here today, but tomorrow, it will appear, albeit skinny. Probably. Then blossom. But tonight, no moon.

Today is also Sugar Cookie Day, so the YIR Staff suggested We combine the events.

Rhinos like to shake things up from time to time.


Lightening makes a fine display, up there in the sky. Impressive and loud, too. When We hear thunder and see the sky a-crackle, Rhinos stand very still and hope for the best. It is a so-far, so-good solution.

What our Readers may not understand about being hit by lightening is that We do not die of electric shock; We are cooked by the blistering heat of the bolt.

Sort of a chilling thought when We Rhinos come right down to it.

a milestone

Today’s post is a tribute to Numerology. As We’ve said, Rhinos don’t count past ‘3’. After that We use terms like lots and scads, then zillions. For Us, generalizations do the trick, to our satisfaction.

Numerology is about Numbers and their uses and powers. Rhinos do not often contribute much to the discussion. We are all for Numerology, but as with many topics, We don’t need to understand it to toot its horn.

Here at ‘Your Inner Rhino‘, We want to point out that since October of 2014, We have posted 2,500 images and commentaries. That is a Muchness, as far as We are concerned. We thank our Readers for enriching the journey.


Technically, Rhinos do not offically have Thumbs; We have hooves. But the idea translates fairly easily, unless We feel persnickety. And Rhinos do not get persnickety on any regular basis.

Having a Green Thumb means possessing skills with growing plants, and Rhinos certainly shine in that activity. We are not Planters, but We sure are Major Fertilizers, in a whole bunch of ways. Additionally, We leave the seeds of the plants We eat all over the place. (The plants plant themselves, as a general rule.) These endeavors are just one more Rhino Assignment, which We gladly shoulder as Global Participants.