a radish by any other name

Here at “Your Inner Rhino” We get many requests for Vegetable Recommendations. We hate to disappoint, but We eat so many different plants! And our system is dictated by scent, not nomenclature.

Besides, We don’t see any species of plant as a solitary plant. We catalog plants by their age and consequent flavor profile. Plants sprout, mature, flower, fruit, go to seed, etc., each phase involving a new savory distinction.

We bring all our critical faculties to Dining Science. Our system is to nibble, and if that goes all right, then to consume as much as the situation or our disposition allows. Then We are ready for the Next Course.

Ground rules

Rhinos, like most critters, pass our days Expecting things to be a certain way, to organize themselves consistently. If it’s this way today, it was mostly just like that yesterday, allowing wiggle room for interpretation.

But We Rhinos are keenly aware that this Expectation runs the Hazard of Disappointment. It’s what makes things interesting.

Was that way, but today, hmmm, not so much. Time to regroup.