As common sense would suggest, there are no ‘simple’ scents or fragrances. In a laboratory perhaps, but no critter lives in a lab, not voluntarily. No, scent is experienced as a study in tints and nuances, flavors and colors, suggestions and associations. When a Rhino pays attention, the privilege of nasal accuity is mind-boggling.

Delightful, if unpredictable. Or delightful because it is unpredictable.

Education by Emphasis

The fact is that many Rhinos are taught Ignorance, to accept anything they are told without question. Among some groups, this tradition becomes rigid, meaning that not only are the present Rhinos limited, but that is what they will pass along to thier young.

This system of things is not new. Not only with Rhinoceroses.

What’s Cookin?

One thing that bucks Us Rhinos up is the certain knowledge that Nature has worked most of the kinks out of the Rhino Recipe. We are nigh unto perfect, and most of our kids and relatives are too.

That does not mean Rhinos are identical. Oddly, it guarantees that each of Us is unique.

Unhappily, it does not mean We are always adept in the kitchen. No, not always adept…


Rhinos, both young and old, like Jokes and other minor bits of Merriment. Jokes perk Us up and help maintain our patience in the face of Absurdity and Irritation.

The Jokes can be old, terrible, non-sensical or tasteless. It is not the Joke that’s in question. It’s the intention of a shared moment with a friend or more.


Minimalisms consist mostly of appreciating small, singular things or states or affections. Rather than bringing up the curtain on another production of BEN HUR, We Rhinos like to concentrate our focus on modest items, like a rock, and mentally investigate and caress and celebrate what each has to offer.

We feel the same about relationships. We prefer peaceful, considerate exchanges, laced with humor and patience and generosity. Perhaps the rock feels the same way We do?

So, Less is More, more or less. Or Mostly.

Look out for Sagebrush!

Oh, how he sings
Raggy music to the cattle as he swings
Back and forward in the saddle on a horse
That’s syncopated gated
By the funny meter
To the roar of his repeater

How he runs
When they hear the fella’s gun
Because the western folks all know
He’s a highfalutin’, rootin’, tootin’
Son of a gun from Arizona

He’s some cowboy
Talk about your cowboy
Ragtime cowboy Joe

Today OOOOOOPS! (July 24!!) is the National Day of the Cowboy! The song above is by G. Clarke / L. Muir / M. Abrahams. 1912. Jeepers!!

This End Up

Rhinos may have a shorter fuse than some other critters. Quite possible; We find ourselves in “Flip-out Mode” often enough, no doubt about it.

Sometimes that’s great news, and others, it’s the not-so-great news. Flip-outs come in many hues and shades, decibels and fragrances. Maybe Rhinos are oddly wired- which would account for how exciting Rhino Days are, one way and another.

We get used to it, over time.

Even Steven, mostly

There is little contest among Rhinos in day-to-day operations. Nature is generous and We usually have plenty to meet our needs. There is mostly nothing to fuss over, so We don’t. We call it Sharing.

Granted, things warm up a bit when We are courting, but that is not an everyday occurance. The big picture is serene, by and large, and most of the time, more often than not.

Saves a lot of wear and tear for all concerned, thank you very much. Naturally.