On Toast

Here in Nepal, it is getting oh-so-toasty, which it does annually, year in and out. Toasty-o-toasty. We get up, it’s warm. We mill about, it’s warmer; you get the picture.

Fortunately for Rhinos, Nature built Us for this sort of climate, so We can cope. But coping does not mean that We don’t occasionally wonder who to speak to about dialing things back a bit.

Yes. Toasty-o-Toasty. O Toasty.

Care-fully Yours

Today, in our series of ‘Stories-I-Like’ from our Readers, is “Pierre”, written and illustrated by the gifted Maurice Sandak. Pierre is a boy who knows his own mind. This little book is great fun, grand for reading aloud. You can have it read to you on Google!

Pierre’s perspective is pretty limited. It struck Us Rhinos as interesting, since each of Us has blinders provided by our own choices and assumptions. Those Limitations are by choice, not by fact.

Obvious, but still surprising, right?

Ups & Downs

Judith Viorst wrote “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day”, in 1972. It is illustrated by Ray Cruz. The point seems to be that some days don’t work out as imagined. It is humorous.

Rhinos all know about this Fact of Life. We must take it as it comes, and make the best of it, when possible. Or try tomorrow, when it gets here.

That’s what growing up is about, even for Us.

Swiss Miss


Ms. Johanna Spyri wrote “Heidi” in 1881, and it has been popular ever since. Heidi is a spirited little girl, who charms her gloomy grandfather, and Us in the bargain. Up there in the Alps. We like Heidi.

We Rhinos know very little about family dynamics, just because. We know our Moms and Moms know their Offspring, but otherwise, We just associate with the Rhinos in the vicinity. And let it go at that. Of course, We do have grandfathers, but it would never occur to Us to go “relate” to one. Actually, it’s the same for our Dads.

On this topic, We are wired differently.  Rhino.

9 Lives Plus

Charles Perrault’s 1697 version of “Puss in Boots” is probably the most popular, but it is based on earlier works by Giovanni Francesco Straparola and Gianbattista Basile. Now you know, if it comes up in conversation.

Puss, an ambitious cat, is good at seizing Opportunity and conning gullible folk, including the King and an Ogre. Eventually his poor young master marries the princess, all thanks to Puss’ ingenuity.

Any Rhino would tell you, Cats are cunning. Most mice would say the same thing.

a Russian Adventure

Mr. Sergei Prokofiev composed “Peter and the Wolf” in 1936. He also wrote the tale himself. It is performed with a narrator, introducing the characters as musically related to particular instruments.

A boy, Peter, leaves his home turf, and through dumb luck captures a wolf. Need We say that Rhinos take a dim view of young Rhinos venturing off on their own? In the Wild, it is a formula for Disaster.

The music is great, but We don’t go to see “Peter and the Wolf” before We weigh a ton. After that, it’s pretty safe.