Crank up the Volume

On a normal day, We Rhinos are quiet critters. We go about our business with neither fuss nor bother.

But it would be misleading to say that We are not capable of Hullabaloo. We are and can and like to, now and then.

The Wild has a reputation to maintain, and We Rhinos do our part.

Gilding the lily

Rhinos are all for Grooming and Fuss, but We are well aware that Nature has given Us a fine set of come-hither qualities which need no enhancement. Period.

We occasionally play Vanity, imagining a frill here or there, but We’re just fooling; Rhinos are fine just as We are.

We do roll around in dust baths; dust protects Us from bugs and the sun’s rays. Simple self-preservation.

By the light of the Silvery Moon

Tonight is the Full Moon, up there glimmering away for our benefit. Sometimes the affect of the moon can be startling, so you Readers may want to batten down the hatches and get a dose of sarsparilla before sunset. Going bananas has limited charm.

Tonight’s is a unique moon because there will be an eclipse. We are not astronomically qualified to explain it; ask Google. However, don’t get your hopes up too high, as these celestial mysteries only work if you can see the moon. Put in your bid for fair skies right away.

This is the “Beaver Moon”; We don’t know why. We think of them all as Rhino Moons. Probably Aardvarks have a similar policy.

Fresh from our lair

Few adolescent adaptations are impressive, but We can’t be sure of anything without Experimenting, a favorite youthful activity for Us.

So much of Presentation originates in the mind, in Observation, Imagination, Style and Intention! It gives Us a short holiday to fake it as something else.

It also gives Us a chance to appreciate our Rhinoness once We settle down. Today a dragon, tomorrow an anteater…

a la Dubuffet

Today We Rhinos celebrate the unconventional work of M. Jean Dubuffet. A singular vision, and an idiosyncratic approach to materials and traditions.

When We Rhinos get pregnant, We find that some usual foods lose their appeal. We branch out, trying other plants to see if they land better, inside Us.

Every Rmother-to-be knows about it, so there is not much alarm over the alteration in diet. We Rhinos roll with the punches.

Matters of taste

It’s surprising when We Rhinos are informed that We are not to everyone’s taste. There are those who have reservations about how astounding We are, oddly enough. Understandably, it is difficult for Us to adjust ourselves to please strangers.

This blog is designed to inform our Readers, especially those who are confused about what Rhinos have to offer. It is a lot to absorb, but hey! We’re trying.

A few years of reading this stuff will surely recalibrate perception. We assume that should do the trick. We do hope so.

On any passing breeze

Just so you remain aware, there are little globules of scent, gusting or wafting by all the time. They play in concert with one another, enhancing perception this way and that. Rhinos communicate primarily through scent, and also sound.

Many potential thrills available each time We inhale. Which Rhinos do, all the time. We not only sniff them, but taste them with our gums.

Scent globules are invisible, but our Staff did not know how to illustrate that. In our pictures, We put dotsies instead.


Opinions are inexpensive and popular, the idea that Change is free for the asking. We see fault wherever We look, meaning X is not what We imagined or expected.

It sometimes feels as though other critters should read our minds and shape up.

It’s easy to find fault elsewhere. What is more difficult is changing Ourselves in meaningful ways. Well, for Rhinos facing criticism, We mostly pay no attention at all, just like everyone else.

Jolly Times

These lyrics are from ’The Codfish Ball’ by Lew Pollack and Sidney Mitchell, written for the 1936 20th Century-Fox film, “Captain January”.  It starred Shirley Temple, supported by Buddy Ebsen. To see a nifty film clip, look it up on YouTube or on Google.

Further lyrics go:

Lobsters dancing in a row, Shuffle off to Buffalo, Jelly fish sway to and fro, at the Codfish Ball, etc.

How can a Rhino resist??!?

Keeping current

In general We Rhinos keep ourselves assembled and in good health. But every now and again, We find ourselves at a loss in Understanding. Is this because of the times or poor nutrition?

Perhaps, but We can’t rule out losing our marbles. Sometimes We shake our heads, and nothing rattles around inside. So, are the marbles 1) lost or 2) just misplaced at the moment?

Critters in the Wild lose their marbles daily. There’s a lot of Challenges here, trust Us.