Fruity Inspirations

As you probably know, the Pineapple is native to South America. Rhinos are not native to S.A., but that does not squelch our enthusiasm for them. Pineapples have a haunting scent, and have been the inspiration for many instances of spontaneous choreography.

Appreciation takes many forms, the Rhino Pineapple Dance being only one of them.

A reminder: the Hummingbird is how Pineapples are pollinated in their Natural Setting.

3 thoughts on “Fruity Inspirations

  1. Rhino Pineapple Dance? I’ve read some far-out bits of knowledge/wisdom/wonder on this blog over the years, but this skirts the edges of the truly fantastical, to say nothing of the wildly fabulous! And that is even leaving the hummingbird part out altogether!


    • The R Pineapple Dance has many things in common with the R Boysenberry Dance, and owes a few touches to the R Kiwi Dance, but not too many. The choreography in each instance is mostly spontaneous, thus unpredictable, which makes each reprise intriguing.
      BTW, that hummingbird info is the goods! The YIR research team is, if not infallible, dedicated.
      AND, Credulity was meant to be stretched; what else are you going to do with it?


  2. Did not know that about hummingbirds!

    And I think the Rhino Pineapple Dance looks like a good way to stimulate the cardiovascular system and ward off depression. Got some friends I’m going to recommend it to.




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